A cosmeceutical and scientific range of skincare products, clinically-proven to combat ageing and flaccid skin : unique and patented.
HBC One Laboratory, the perfect association of science and cosmetic creativity, counteracting the extreme agression to which the skin is subject every day.



The effectiveness of HBC One products has been proven by biomedical research at an independent Institute of Clinical Expertise authorized by French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety.
Ballistometry allows the mechanical properties of the skin to be measured.
Ballistometry makes use of a mass that impacts the surface of the skin in order to emasure the skin’s mechanical properties. In other words, the skin is subjected to a vibratory movement after the impact of the ballistometer mass on the surface of the skin. This allows the firmness and the elasticity of the skin to be assessed in order to be able to determine, in a concrete way, the effectiveness of the application of our products. Under the experimental conditions of the study, a significant improvement in the elasticity and firmness of the skin is detected by Ballistometry tests on the temples after 8 days of application.
Optical in vivo topometry of crow’s feet (“roughness” parameters) FOITS (Fast Optical In vivo Topometry of human Skin) allows modifications in skin texture to be visualized as part of the process of verifying the real action of HBC One products on the skin. The measurements are carried out using an optical system designed to measure skin texture. The area studied is: a random crow’s foot. Under the experimental conditions of the study of crow’s feet, a reduction in the depth of the main wrinkle is observed after application during 14 and 21 days.


In the ongoing search into perfect skin, HBC One Laboratory has, after many years of research, perfected an exclusive active ingredient, « Collagen Memory Booster », Present only in HBC One skincare treatments.

This active complex comes in two forms: CMB12 and CMB14, which are used unequalled concentrationsto boost and trigger the collagen produced naturally by your skin’s fibroblasts. HBC One skincare treatments may contain more than 35% of the natural principal ingredients and are thereby more concentrated than classic skincare treatments. Within days, the signs of aging fade lasting, your skin regains brightness and firmness .


After many years of research, the laboratory HBC One creates a perfect symbiosis between the patented active complex “OBH” and Hyaluronic Acid.
The range One by HBC stimulates the cellular memory in a few days to slow the signs of age and improves the skin’s elasticity, bringing comfort and intense moisture. The architecture of the dermis is fortified, your skin is intensely smoothed. A range of specific care and cleansers, suitable for all skin types, is proposed to ensure optimum cleaning and prepare your skin to efficiently receive the products of the range.